Law in different countries


Law in different countries

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Jurisprudence: concept, experience of different countries

Jurisprudence is a science that studies the properties of law and the state, as well as the practical field of activity of professional lawyers. So we can say that jurisprudence has its basic principles. These are interrelated concepts:

  • The science of law and the state, which is engaged in the study of legal regulation and puts forward various ideas about the possibility of introducing innovations both in the mechanism and methods of regulating society.
  • Combining knowledge about the state, law and administration. Having this knowledge, a specialist can engage in legal activities.
  • The use of legal knowledge in practice, the work of lawyers.


Legal, as well as modern legal sciences that study law, the legal system.


Already in the twentieth century, in most developed countries, the education of a lawyer was very popular. Moreover, it has even become traditional here. This is directly related to the role of regulating public relations in the state itself.
Already since the mid-1950s, in America, Great Britain and Germany, a graduate can occupy both legal positions and, if desired, work in other related professions. Such introductory megatrends are quickly becoming popular all over the world.
However, additional training is often needed to work as a lawyer, prosecutor and in some other positions. So, for example, in order to take a judicial position, hold public hearings, sign an international treaty or work as a lawyer, for example, the French have to pass special exams besides a diploma. After passing the exams, you can get a new diploma.
And in modern Scandinavian countries, in order to occupy any legal position, it is enough to have a diploma with specialized education in education.
In modern Europe, national higher education systems are combined in one zone.


Portals of the Board of Directors in the work of a lawyer


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